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Another possibility.. Hm. Gotta talk it over with the madre first, of course, though… I had this sudden, somewhat chilling realization that my mom and I have been reeeeeeal distant with each other these past years.
My stubbornness has landed me in a ‘final-straw’ sticky situation and (like always) it’s taken me to get this far to actually make a decision, and get off my ass. I’m a big kid now (haha, sang it in my head☺️) and there’s no reason I should be [flat out] lying to her… I dislike my mother- sometimes to the point where I question/fear I might in-fact hate her- but she’s the only one I’ll ever have.. No one’s gonna stay, or has stayed, in my life as long as she has… She wasn’t perfect, and neither was I, but she was there.. And for that, I gotta keep my queen safe.

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